The King’s Carbon Mender | Act II

Why CarbonTec? Why can this team do what others cannot? It’s all in the materials; It’s carbon fibre, but not as you know it.

KEITH HOEY is repairing carbon fibre frames and not building from scratch. He’s dealing with weakened areas, so he has to compensate. Just using carbon fibre in three or more layers would do the trick for areas that are not intricate or crucial for weight-bearing.

But Hoey’s not content with that. CarbonTec wants to be able to fix absolutely anything on a carbon fibre bicycle frame, so it’s hunted out a stronger material.
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The King’s Carbon Mender | Act I

How do you fix a carbon frame? Should you fix a carbon frame? And why does it cost a man his skin and finger nails?

SPRAWLED on tarmac by a kerb at a busy junction in Dublin’s rush hour, people swarmed to my aid.

They picked up my rucksack, gathered fallen belongings, gave me a coat, a bottle of water, a KitKat for later.

They rang an ambulance too. But my racing bike was left, alone, in the middle of the road. I couldn’t see it. Nobody would let me get up. They just thought I was insane.

But when a bike has won a race for you, it’s no longer just a bike. That’s my first carbon fibre racing bike. The first bike I had any attachment to. So after calling my boss to tell him I wouldn’t be in, my next call was to Carbon Tec – the man who mends carbon fibre.
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