Ode to the Sea

And, above all else, here I say to the lady that has carried us together;

She who has lifted, dropped, and turned us;
Who has swelled and toyed and slapped us clean in the face;
Over and over again.

Here, I say, to our greatest allay, our greatest friend, The Sea.


Spring Poem

Since Spring we waited, cool and damp;
Since Spring we sat, breathe abated, tongue a-coiled.
Now summer’s here, she’s flushed spring up,
Her freshness flown for a blanket heat.
All bellow its yellow warmth hath blushed;
Not least our fledgling, creeping, fruiting plant.
The first rouged hint of sweetness did colour today!
Not once, but twice! On nearly midsummer’s day!


Paper Poem

There is not enough space on this paper,
To write a year’s worth of love;
There’s not enough paper to tell all our capers;,
Nor enough to dictate our dates, but,
There is space to put a smile on your face;

When I dream up a plan,
And you say ‘yes I can’;
When I bumble about,
And you bumble along too;

When I’m too tired to speak,
And you prepare me a feast;
When I’m excited about nothing,
And you know it’s something;

That’s what still surprises me;
That’s what always reminds me;
That I will never have enough space on this paper.