The Hiking Girl’s Camping Checklist

HIKING is a new thing for me. Camping is not much more familiar. So when my partner and I put the two together for a holiday in Gran Canaria I needed help.

The result was an 8kg pack full of everything I actually needed and nothing at all that went unused, with much thanks to Snarky Nomad.

Now I’m sharing this packing genius in The Hiking Girl’s Camping Checklist.

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Hanging with clouds

One weekend in January, we took to the hills. Here is what we found.

GRAN CANARIA’S mountains are alive with mountain runners, with weekend campers, orienteering competitors, and barbecuers.

Everything moves, nothing is ever silent, but everything is harmonious. It’s a vibrant place to be, and we came for free.

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Finding Logan’s Way

One weekend in June, a handsome man and I set off to find a beach on the banks of Lough Dan.¬†What we found was Logan’s Way, a mysterious route along the river out of Lough Dan, marked by a wooden sign at the edge of a deep pool.

Dry as it was, this hike to Military Road was memorable for its many inviting river pools, particularly the one right at the Logan’s Way arrow, and waterfalls. It was memorable for the seclusion of being in the middle of forests and for the wild swimming we couldn’t resist on the way to Tongalee Hill.